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  • our bodies connecting夜夜爽妓女8888视频免费观看

    The Point v2.0Theme tags: Consensual sex, death, first time, male/female, pregnant, romance, teen male/teen female, virginityThis is my interpretation of the theme set out by our two very gracious CAW hosts – host and hostess to be specific. They chose to set the theme as Changes and Seasons leaving it very vague and open to us writers, so dear readers and fellow writers this is my Changes and Seasons CAW 16 entry. I really do hope you all enjoy it since it took so damn long to write it… writer's block.Enjoy. And please remember to leave feedback about all the stories so we can improve and grow as writers.----------It was that time of year again; the time where the seasons are changing from spring to summer, when the fresh morning dew sits delicately on the grass and flowers, as the sweet morning sun filters softly over everything in sight. I sat down on the old wooden bench as I pulled my cardigan across my chest and crossed my arms. I let out a deep sigh as I looked out across the village below as it comes to life in the early morning light. The news agent was opening the corner shop and sending the paper boy off on his morning rounds, the milkman was delivering to the cottages and shop as the paperboy cycled past. Closing my eyes I let the sun envelop me, everything fell silent as if the world had paused in front of me for a moment.I felt a hand on my shoulder bringing me back to life with a jolt of fright. I let out an ear pitching squeal as I jumped up and spun around. ''Maria!! God damn it, you scared me half to death!'' I yelled at her.''Calm yourself, you'll give yourself a coronary!'' she giggled brushing a few stray wispy black curls from her face.I laughed with her as I wrapped my arms around her hugging her tightly. ‘‘What’s the plan for today then?'' she asked.We broke our embrace and walked round the old tower where our names had been carved for over ten years. Running my hand across it I looked at her.''How long is it now... eighteen years? Nineteen years?'' I smiled.''Nineteen years, smart ass you know that!'' she scowled at me with her chocolate brown eyes.''I know. How can I forget the day we first met! I've been stuck with you ever since,'' I smiled as I walked to the bench.''Cheeky bitch!'' she giggled, pushing my shoulder. We sat down side by side; holding each others' hand chatting as we looked out over the village. We sat for a while until the church bells rang ten.----- That afternoon we met back up at The Point with my four year old son Zach. We were going to teach him how to fly a kite and have a picnic since it was such a nice day. Zach and I arrived at The Point late. Maria had already set down the blanket for the picnic and was laying on it soaking up the sun. ''Auntie Maria!!!'' Zach shouted at the top of his lungs as he ran over to her and jumped on top of her. ''Argh!! Zach!'' she yelled as he landed onto her stomach.''Hiya!'' He grinned at her.Maria could not stop laughing as she tickled him, and he squealed at the top of his lungs.''Stop it! Stop it Auntie Maria!'' he giggled and gasped for breath.Maria stopped and helped Zach up onto his feet, hugging him tightly. ''What's that?'' he asked with a puzzled look on his face as he pointed towards the far end of the blanket. ''That's a kite, your mum and I are gonna teach you how to fly it, Buddy,'' Maria smiled.I watched as they walked over to the kite hand in hand. I smiled widely as I watched my little man and my best friend having a good time. Maria unraveled the kite and showed Zach what to do as she ran with it into the wind before releasing it and Zach having full control over it. ''Look Mama, LOOK!'' he smiled brightly.''I see, baby, I see it. You're doing it all by yourself.'' My little man, I thought to myself as I watched with tears in my eyes.They played with the kite until the wind died down and Zach got hungry. He came running over to me as I was sitting on the blanket; he hugged me tight.''Love you lots, Mama.'' He kissed my nose.''Love you more, Munchkin.'' I smiled kissing his nose and hugging him tightly, lifting him up and rolling onto the blanket kissing him all over.''Stop Mama. Stop it! I'm hungry,'' he giggled.''Okay baby, there's sandwiches in the box. Cheese and ham or tuna. And some juice boxes.'' I smiled as I got up and walked across to Maria.She was standing at the bottom of the tower; the only remaining part of the castle that used to be on top of The Point. Her hand was on the side of the tower tracing something. The closer I moved towards her I knew what she was tracing, our names from years ago. Zach followed close behind me, chomping on a cheese sandwich and tugging at my trousers.''What's Auntie Maria doing?'' he asked with a mouthful of sandwich.That is Aunt Maria's and my name. We did it years ago, babe,'' I told him as I lifted him up onto my hip to see.''Is that your name too, Mama?'' he pointed looking at me.''Erm...Yeah baby, that's Daddy's name and that's mine.'' I smiled with tears in my eyes.Zach pushed down and jumped out my arms, running over to get juice leaving me stood staring at our names carved into the stone as he called over Maria to help him.****-----****As the sun began to fade the cool air suddenly appeared all around us. Making my arm hairs stand on edge. Billy wrapped his big strong arms across my back holding me close, as I wriggled underneath them and made my way up to kiss him. I gently brushed my nose against his playfully before kissing him softly. I laid a trail of butterfly kisses down his chin and throat stopping at his collarbone and inhaling deeply. I took in the scent of his Joop aftershave and sweet, sweat mixture. ''What are you doing babe?'' he asked looking down at me with one eyebrow raised.''Making a memory, I love how you smell,'' I smiled kissing his neck and lips. ''Do you remember the first day we met?'' he smiled.''I do...'' I smirked.''You walked into my college class with your red hair, piercing green eyes, freckles and those dimples when you smile! Melted my heart. My strawberry JAM'', he said as he closed his eyes picturing the day. ''You were the first person ever to call me strawberry JAM. No one else ever dared!'' I kissed him hard, pulling on his hair.''But you are strawberry JAM. Your strawberry hair and your name, but your MY strawberry JAM.'' He kissed me back just as hard. ''Let's make another memory,'' he smiled, rolling me over and lying in between my legs.''Oh yeah?'' I smiled and bit my lip innocently.Billy lent down and kissed me slow but passionately as he held my arms beside my head with our fingers entwined. He stared down at me with his haunting blue eyes that could penetrate into the soul. He let go of my hands as we remained lip-locked, I ran them down his back dragging my nails before reaching his jeans. I reached around and unzipped them and pushed them down, and then I looked up at him waiting to see what he would do. I bit my lip and reached into his jeans, pulling out his cock and slowly stroking; he moaned into my mouth as we kissed, but before long he reached down to remove my panties, but to his shock I wasn’t wearing any. He took hold of his hard cock with a newly found purpose, and rubbed the bulbous head along my lips and clitoris. I gasped and closed my eyes as he rubbed my clit; every touch was like a little electric shock to my body. I arched my back in pleasure as he lined up to enter me.Slowly he plunged into the warmth of my undercarriage as I let out a slow growling gasp. Gradually we picked up a faster rhythm, our bodies connecting, moving as one. Billy inch by inch teasingly pulled my top up to reveal my very sensitive and hard pink nipples which he devoured immediately, making me go crazy. I gripped onto his back a little too tightly as he was enveloped in my bosom. It wasn't long until I heard him yelp.''Arghhh...Jess!! You're hurting me!!'' He groaned loudly.''I'm sorry I didn't realize.'' I kissed him.''It's fine, babe. Just be more gentle,'' he smiled as he kissed me back. Holding me close he rolled over to let me be in control and ride him to orgasm. As I slowly picked up speed his hands crept up my stomach to my very full C cup breasts. Billy massaged and played with my breasts and nipples as I began to orgasm; tweaking and rolling my nipples between his fingers with a purpose. I continued to ride him slowly until he grabbed my ass, helping me to slide up and down on his hard wet shaft before he started to fill me full of cum. I collapsed onto his sweat covered chest, breathing heavily. ''I love you, to the moon and back my strawberry JAM,'' he told me as he kissed my forehead.''I love you, forever and always,'' I smiled. We lay together until the cold became almost unbearable. As he removed his cock from inside of me his cum slowly seeped out and onto the blanket as I lay on my back. He got up and walked over to the tower, pulling out his switchblade, and started to etch something into it as I lay on the blanket watching him. I got somewhat cleaned up and presentable before walking over to him. I wrapped my arms around his waist, my head against his back listening to his heartbeat. I heard the click of the switchblade closing then his warm hands on mine as he pulled me in front of him holding me against him facing the tower.''Look babe, this will be here as a reminder forever.'' He kissed the back of my head as he ran his hand across my stomach, turning me around and pushing me against the tower.''I love it...'' I smiled as our noses touched, lips so close but not touching, staring into each others' eyes.My phone rang making us both jump.''Hello... Hi dad... Uh huh... I'm on my way... I... Erm... Missed the bus. I'm getting a lift. I'll be home soon. Promise.'' I had my hand over Billy's mouth shaking my head.''I have to go NOW.'' I told him with a serious face.We left The Point in a hurry, grabbing the blanket and our jackets before Billy drove me home on his Kawasaki motorbike. ****-----****''Jessie...Jessie!'' Maria nudged me.''Mama..., Mama...,''Zach tugged on the hem of my top.''Huh? What?'' I asked.''You were just standing there staring like a zombie at the tower... You okay?'' she asked. ''Yeah... Yes I'm... I'm okay.'' I smiled a false smile looking back at the stone and walking to the bench to sit down.''Mama..., Mama..., can I have my name with you and daddies?'' Zach smiled widely.''Yeah babe, ask Aunt Maria to do it... okay?'' I smiled, kissing him on the forehead and patting his bum as he walked away.****-----****It was a warm autumn evening. Billy had picked me up to go for a drive on his Kawasaki motorbike and as per usual we ended up at The Point, our favorite place. This particular night he seemed preoccupied, distracted and out of sorts. We were sitting on the bench looking out over the village, watching the world go by.''What's wrong babes?'' I asked frowning.''Nothing...'',国产精品免费久久久久影院 he smiled.''You sure? You okay?'' I placed my hand on his knee. He took my hand in his and slid off the bench onto his knees.''Jessica-Ann Murray... Will you marry me? Will you make me the happiest guy ever? Will you marry me?'' He looked at me like a little boy.The colour drained from my face, my eyebrows raised to a higher place than I had ever felt and my mouth was wide open staring at him.''Well...'', he paused scared.''YES! Of course! YES!'' I jumped onto him kissing him.We fell back onto the ground in front of the bench, kissing, and hugging.''Wait!'' he stopped me. ''You need to get your ring'' he smiled.Opening a small red velvet box revealed a silver ring with tiny square diamonds all the way round it. He pushed it on my finger as we sat on the bench hugging and kissing.****-----****I came back to reality with a thud as it started to pour down with rain on our picnic. We squealed as we ran, grabbing our things on the way, and by the time we reached the car we were soaked right through.As we sat looking out at the rain pounding off the windows, another memory was coming flooding back.****-----****Seven months pregnant at the time, I was wearing a long flowing flowery maxi dress covering my huge bump in the autumn heat as I left the hospital from my latest scan. I flipped open my mobile and dialed Billy's number, as I walked down the street away from the hospital looking at the photos of little bump I had just gotten from the scan.''Hello... Who is this?'' A strange voice asked.''I'm Jessica, who is this? Why do you have my fiancé’s phone?'' I asked a little panicked as Billy said he was meeting me at the hospital for the scan.''Erm... Miss... There's been an accident. I'm PC Devlin, I'm the attending officer. Can you come down to the station or can I send someone over to collect you?'' he asked.''WHAT! Why? Where? Is Billy okay?!'' I burst into tears.''Main Street at the junction of Church Street, Miss. About 400 yards from the hospital. I would prefer to talk to you face to face,'' he said plainly as it started to drizzle with rain.''Main Street???'' I hung up the phone and began to run toward the location clutching my belly.I got closer by the second I could see the fire trucks, ambulances and police cars, I got a terrible feeling in my gut. People standing around the police tape like it was some sort of show for their enjoyment, the rain started to pour down as I got to the crowd but none of them moved even with the rain. ''Billy!!!'' I screamed as I pushed through the crowd.''Billy!!! Where's Billy!? I'm his fiancée!'' I screamed at the top of my lungs still clutching my huge belly and panting.''I'm PC Devlin Mi... My god you're pregnant... Erm... Miss you shouldn't be here.'' he said patronizing me.''Where's my fiancé? Tell me!!'' I cried loudly pushing the tape over me as I walked into the crash site.''MISS! Please you don't want to see this. Trust me. Not in your condition. Please...'', he pleaded leading me to his car. ''Where is Billy?'' I asked with a false calmness.''I'm sorry to have to tell you this but I'm afraid he is dead Miss,'' the officer told me. I fell to my knees sobbing, holding my belly, rocking back and forth. ''Please, Miss. Let me take you home.'' He knelt down hugging me to try and console me.''My name is Jessica. And I want to see my fiancé. Now!'' I told him with anger. ''No, not right now Jessica. I will take you home and once the coroner has cleaned him up I will personally escort you to see him for a formal I.D. Okay?'' he told me firmly.I nodded as he helped me to my feet and into his car. ''Billy and I had planned to get married two months ago but little bump made us postpone the ceremony until he was born.'' I told Devlin on the drive home as I rubbed my belly. ''How did it happen?'' I asked staring at him.''A drunk driver ran the lights and hit him full on, on his bike, he really had no chance against the jeep. I am so sorry, Jessica.'' he put his hand on my hand squeezing it a little. ****-----****''Mama..., Mamma...,'' Zach's voice brought me back to sitting in the car soaked through like I was that day Billy died.''Hmm baby...what's wrong?'' I asked looking in the rear view mirror.''Can we go to the swing park?'' he grinned.''It's a little wet for that, is it not?'' I smiled.''We're already wet Mama. A little bit more won't kill us. It will be fun. Pleassssse?'' He smiled his cute little smile.''Well... I guess so... What do you think Maria?'' I turned to her.''Sounds good to me.''I smiled as I started the car and drove to the swing park.-----That night when Zak was in bed, I cracked open a bottle of wine for Maria and myself to drink whilst we had a chat and reminisced about the times we had shared together, good and bad. ''Where did you go today, Jessie?'' Maria asked knowing full well where I went.''Do you really have to ask?'' I looked at her as I sipped my wine.''No but I want you to talk about it rather than bottle it all up.'' she gave me a half smile.''I was thinking about Billy and everything that happened; our first time, when he proposed, when I found out I was pregnant... When he was killed...'' I started to cry. ''Come here'' Maria wrapped her arms around me holding me tight. ''You know Maria that I love you so much and don't know what I would do without you. You are always here for me when I need you and you're like a second mum to Zach.'' I sobbed. ''You were the only one who stuck by me when Billy died, you made sure I was okay before yourself, I think you're more than a friend to me you're my sister from another mister!'' I hugged her tightly and kissed her hard on the lips.****-----****It was the day of Billy's funeral, none of my family would go because they did not like Billy and did not approve of us getting married or having a baby since he was older than I was. His family blames me for his death because if he had not have been coming to see the scan at the hospital he would not have been in the crash. The only person I had was Maria; she came over to my house to help me get ready.''Jessie? Jess you there?'' she knocked on the door before using the key I had given her. ''Jessica, where are you?'' she walked around the house looking for me.''Maria...'' I said softly as I lay sobbing in a ball on the floor amongst Billy's clothes.''Jessica!'' She came running into the bedroom. ''Come on, you need to get up. We have to get you ready.'' she smiled.She pulled me up onto my feet and helped me over to the bed to sit on the edge whilst she picked out something for me to wear. As she rifled through my wardrobe I sat clutching my belly whispering to it. ''This I think will be best.'' Maria said pulling out a black maxi dress and a black blazer. ''Stand up and I'll help you into it.'' She pulled the dress over my head, down over my heavy breasts and onto my bump zipping it up, it just fit and no more. She walked me over to the dressing table and sat me down.''Where are your kirbie grips, hairspray and comb?'' she quizzed me. I opened the drawer in front of me and handed her the things she asked for. Within a matter of minutes my long fiery locks were tied down in a big high bun atop my head.''There that looks good...Doesn't it?'' Maria smiled in the mirror at me as she patted my shoulder. ''Here put this on.'' she held out the blazer, helping me put it on then a pair of flat shoes.''You're dressed. Are you ready for this?'' she looked at me.''No...'' I shook my head as I burst into tears.''Come here.'' she hugged me tightly rubbing my back. ''Put these on, no one will be the wiser'' she pushed a pair of black sunglasses on my face. As we drove to the funeral Maria had to stop twice for me to be sick, and it was not morning sickness I was just petrified to be going today to say goodbye to my soul mate. ''Are you sure you're okay and up to this?''She kept asking me. All I could do was nod.We arrived just as his family arrived. I tried to walk passed them without them noticing because I could not deal with their bullshit today. ''She has a damn cheek to show up here today!'' I heard his sister-in-law say.This was sharply followed by his mother statement. ''Be quiet Lorraine, that little girl has lost someone just like we have. Her grief is just as much if not more! Shut your mouth or leave. And that goes for the rest of you too!'' she smiled at me and took my arm.''Will you sit with me dear?'' she asked. All I could do was nod, I was afraid if I opened my mouth all that would come out was a scream and tears.We sat in the front pews of the crematorium; Maria on my left, Sadie, Billy's mum on my right and both holding my hands tightly. The last thing I remember was seeing his coffin being brought in and the next thing I remember was waking up in hospital.I had passed out and collapsed in the crematorium, Maria and Sadie were both sitting at my bedside waiting on me to wake up. ****-----****''Come on we'll get you to bed. You can't handle your wine.'' Maria giggled helping me up.''I'm fine... Honest.'' I smiled as I held up three fingers showing the Brownies honor sign.''Yeah, yeah...You just zoned out like a zombie again, so don't try to kid a kidder.'' Maria raised her thick eyebrows.''Will you stay the night?'' I gave her puppy dog eyes.''How can I say no to that face.'' she pinched my cheeks.''It's Zach's birthday tomorrow. I would like it if you were here for him waking up.'' I smiled as I fell into bed.''Of course, I have his presents in my car anyway.'' she slipped into bed beside me.That night I had a lot of dreams...****-----****My water had broken in the middle of the night as I got up to go to the toilet; the only person I could phone at four in the morning was Maria. I searched for my phone and called her as I tried to pack my bag. ''My waters have just broken! Can you take me to the hospital? I want you to be with me, I want you to be my labor partner. Please?'' I was panicking. ''I'll be five minutes, do you have everything ready?'' she asked fully aware I am not that organized.''I'm packing a bag now. I'll be ready for your coming.'' I hung up the phone. It wasn't any longer than three minutes and she burst through the front door.''Are you ready? What do you need me to do? Do you have everything?'' she was in more a panic than I was.''Calm down, and breathe.'' I laughed. ''It's meant to be you who tell me this, not the other way around.'' I giggled as we headed out the door.Maria was driving like a maniac. It normally took fifteen minutes to get to the hospital but that morning we were there in seven minutes.We got checked into the hospital and seven hours later Zach William O'Keefe was born. ****-----****I woke up the next morning feeling rather drained. I put it down to the wine and thought nothing more of it since it was my little boy’s day. I was rushing around putting all the presents out that 'the birthday fairy' had left for him and a special big present from his daddy. I was making bacon sandwiches when Maria got up followed by Zach who was more than ecstatic with all his presents especially the little motorized motorbike his daddy had come down from heaven with. I gave everyone a sandwich and some juice before going into the shower, as I was showering I started to get a dry cough. When I moved my hand from over my mouth it was covered in blood, I quickly washed it clean and said nothing to Maria. Zach was outside playing on his motorbike in the garden when I asked to speak with Maria.''Sure what's up?'' she asked.''If anything should happen to me I want you to take care of Zach like he was your own son. Can you do that for me?'' I asked her with a serious look on my face.''Of course I would, you know that. Why what's wrong?'' she quizzed me.''Nothing, I just needed to know.'' I smiled and walked away.****-----****It was that time of year again; the time where the seasons are changing from spring to summer, when the fresh morning dew sits delicately on the grass and flowers as the sweet morning sun filters softly over everything in sight. I feel the cool breeze brush against my cheek, all the memories I shared with friends, fiancé, and my son, in this special place come flooding back to me. As I stand alone behind my family, friends, Maria, and my son, they are staring at the tower and down into the village. I try to understand why they are all here at The Point dressed all in black and crying. They release ashes into the gentle morning breeze from the place I treasured most in my heart, the place I had so many memories with them. I suddenly realize it is MY ashes.I am reliving all the memories and experiences I ever had throughout my life at The Point before moving on to a better place and finally getting to be with my beloved. Then it hit me, it begins to filter back to me; how I died. Zach was just about to turn four when it started, a cough, a slight wheezing, until I started coughing up blood; I went straight to the doctors about it. After preliminary tests I was told I had lung cancer and only a few months left; spend it with the ones I love and make some memories for them to remember me by. That is exactly what I did, so my son would remember me the fun, happy loving mama I was. Billy and I will watch over our son for the rest of his life until we one day will meet again.


    “故事是非线性的夜夜爽妓女8888视频免费观看,所以你可以选择如何书写属于你自己的故事,在这个共享的开放世界中,你可以选择探索也可以推动剧情发展。”Rod Fergusson说。

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