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finger your cunt一本大道香一蕉久在线播放a

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  • finger your cunt一本大道香一蕉久在线播放a

    It all started when my wife and I were watching television one night; it was one of those police detective shows that proliferate across the weekly viewing, in this one the villain had a sadistic kink and was capturing young girls and tormenting them.We watched it through and then went off to bed. We talked of the show and agreed that the plot had been rather stupid. Somehow though, we began talking of the kink the guy had towards girls."I can't see any pleasure in hurting someone like that unless they wanted to be hurt," I commented.My wife was a little surprised and asked would I like hurting a girl if she wanted it.I felt a bit embarrassed at what I'd unthinkingly said. "Well, if someone wanted it," I mumbled."Would you like to hurt me," my wife persisted, still seeming surprised at my admission."No, of course not, because you don't want it," I replied, although the thought of it really turned me on."Well you can hurt me a little bit if you'd really like it," she casually told me.I was really surprised at what she said. She'd never shown any kinkiness before and I thought that she was just being frivolous.Nothing more was said and we got into bed and the light was turned off.We kissed and my hands began to slide over my wife's belly and up onto her breasts.She slid her hand to my hard cock and fondled it beautifully.Soon I had her on her back with knees slightly raised and legs parted. I easily slid my cock into her very slippery cunt.She sighed, we kissed, and our hands constantly explored each other's bodies.Slowly, deeply, I fucked her, controlling myself so that I could keep going.Our excitement grew and we were both breathing hard. She was moaning softly and getting really hot.I took each of her nipples between forefinger and thumb, and began squeezing and rolling her large nipples between my fingers.We fucked and kissed and licked at each other, the whole time her pussy being probed by my lusting cock.I could tell that she was becoming more and more excited as my cock began to shove hard into her body and her breathing turned to excited panting.I was now squeezing and twisting my wife's nipples so firmly that she was giving little gasps and cries. We'd never done this before but I was worked up because of the movie we'd watched, and because of what she'd said afterwards.I was now panting hard and fucking hard, although still slowly so as to hold myself in check.I screwed her nipple around and around and she gasped and uttered cries of pain.I wasn't sure what she'd be thinking and I asked her if I was hurting her too much."It's alright darling, keep hurting me," she whispered softly and lovingly.Fuck! I was fucking thrilled by this, so I took her at her word and grasped both nipples once more and began squeezing and twisting even harder.Soon I had her gasping and crying out loudly as I worked harder and harder at her nipples.After a little while I asked, "had I better stop?"She unhesitatingly whispered, "no, no, it's all right, keep doing it.""You sure?" I asked as I hesitated."Yes, keep going," she said softly."I think that you like being hurt a little bit?" I suggested excitedly."Yes," she answered in a voice that was hardly audible."Arrr, owwww," she now gasped plaintively between gasps of anguish as I pulled, twisted and squeezed as hard as I possibly could."Oh God! That's great," I enthused as she responded to the pain that I was causing her."Are your nipples getting nice and sore?" I asked as I grinned down at her."Ooo yes," she groaned, "they're getting so tender just to touch."I got off the bed and went to the chair where I'd tossed my clothes. Marg watched as I picked my pants up and slid the leather belt from the waist."Hands on head," I said with a grin.Marg unhesitatingly clasped her fingers behind her head and lay back with her tits pushed upwards by this position."We'll see how you like getting your tits belted," I said witha sadistic sneer. I took the belt near the end with just nine or ten inches of the leather free to slap with.Whack. I brought the end of the belt swishing down across her tits with a firm slap."Aggh," she gasped as the sharp pain stung her."Wow! that's fabulous," I laughed.Whack. Another short, sharp slap. "Arrrh-owwwwh." She again yelled in pain as the belt flayed her tender tits."That's right, finger your cunt," I told her. I don't know whether she realised that she was doing it, but both of her hands had immediately gone to her cunt and she was fiddling with herself.Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack. A whole series of rapid slaps landed as I worked the belt back and forth."Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! Oh fuck that hurts," she gasped after she finally stopped yelling with the pain.She doesn't usually use such words but they just seemed to come naturally under the circumstances."You love it you dirty pain slut," I told her as I stroked my hard, throbbing cock. I, at that stage, had never spoken to her like that before, but I said it without thinking, and she didn't complain."Oh gosh darling," she gasped, "you're so cruel.""You love it bitch," I answered. She just smiled up at me, which was as good as answering with a yes.I now took aim again and brought the end of the leather belt thrashing down across her tits. She let out a totally involuntary scream and clutched at herself to protect her tits. "You dirty, fucking whore," I sneered as I looked down on her in her anguish. She saw that I was about to unleash another blow and she frantically told me to wait just a moment until she caught her breath.Fucking Christ! I nearly blew my load at the thought that she was so willing to take more of my flogging.After just a moment rubbing her tits, she moved her hands away and waited cringingly. "Ready?" I asked. "Yes," she answered as she screwed up her face in anticipation of the horrendous pain which was about to come.I carefully took aim. "This is really going to make you scream," I said spitefully.Whish the belt sliced through the air as it rapidly accelerated until it flayed across the soft flesh of her tits. I'd given it all I could and the loud cracking slap of the leather against flesh was immediately drowned out by my wife's frantic screaming. She writhed on the bed, howling and clutching her tits. Her tears poured forth and streamed down over her cheeks. "Oh, oh,波多野结衣在线观看 oh, oh," she whimpered through her tears as she rolled back and forth and rubbed at herself.I discarded the belt, thinking that I'd better not do any more, and I started hugging and comforting her as she wept. "Oh sweetheart," she finally managed to murmur, "that hurt so much.""I'm sorry darling," I said comfortingly, "I shouldn't have done it so hard.""No, no," she answered, "don't be sorry."That was an end to that sort of thing for the night, we were soon fucking, kissing and hugging and loving each other lustfully.Later, when all was finished and we were laying back on the bed,I said that she would probably never want to do that again."Didn't you enjoy it?' she quickly asked."Of course I did, you were magnificent," I told her."Well, we can do it again as soon as I forget how much it hurt me," she giggled teasingly."Really!" I exclaimed excitedly, then I added, "but not that last bit eh."She wriggled closer so that she could whisper into my ear, "that too if you want," she softly whispered, and she slid her tongue into my ear and licked me.__________________________________________________It so happened that it was almost a week before we once more experimented with this new found aspect of sex I'd in the meantime been planning for it and had a bit of equipment ready and waiting. I began by once again squeezing, twisting, and pulling on my wife's nipples, but after just a few moments I produced my two large, spring clamps which I firmly secured on each of my wife's nipples. Having done that I brought out a roll of cord which I used to tightly bind her tits and I then looped the ends of the cord up around her neck so that her tits were two, firm, round globes rapidly going a deep red. I next dragged her tits upwards towards her head and tightly tied cord around her neck.I took up my leather belt and began firmy slapping at her bound tits. "You like that don't you, you fucking slut,." I sneered at her.She grinned up at me even though she kept wincing as the belt hurt her swollen tits.After some time, in which my wife's bound tits began to go somewhat purple rather than the original red, I made her kneel, then lean forward with her ass stuck up into the air. I then lengthened out the amount of belt which I'd been using to slap her tits with and I now commenced flogging her ass.I soon had her crying out and whimpering with the pain of it, but I could tell that she was so excited about being hurt in that way."You dirty fucking whore, you filthy fucking bitch," I snarled.I was absolutely thrilled to hear her murmur "yes."That really inspired me and I viciously lashed her ass until she was howling in pain and sobbing plaintively. "You filthy fucking cunt, you disgusting fucking perverted fucking harlot, you pathetic pain loving bitch," I kept a constant barrage of invective aiming at her ears.My lust eventually reached a peak and I mounted my wife doggie fashion and fucked her roughly while dragging on the cords binding her tits so that they were almost being ripped from her body. She was screaming and howling while I abused her with an absolute torrent of the most foul names that I could think of.It was fucking great because Marg began to cum just at the same time as myself and we fucked frantically before both collapsing on the bed gasping and panting.____________________________________________________We enjoyed these sorts of sessions regularly, with me experimenting in ever more painful ways of hurting my totally submissive wife. It was some months later that it happened we were watching that very same TV show which had set us off on this course.That particular TV show, more often than not, had a plot centering around odd, even mad people with strange and sometimes weird events happening, and very frequently these odd and bizarre events had a definite sexual slant. Anyhow, this particular week the weird plot involved a group of Satan worshippers who sought out a woman to abuse and ultimately to sacrifice on an altar to The Devil. Of course, as always happens, the police arrived just in time to save her.The lead up to the show's end had been very sexual and it seemed a shame when the police arrived and the show finished.I turned off the telly and we soon went to bed. Straight away I was fondling and touching my wife, and soon we were kissing and then licking and sucking at each other in the sixty nine position.Soon we were getting very excited and worked up. I was thinking of the perversions of the TV show we'd watched and without thinking much I said, "I'd love to see you in the hands of those guys."My wife lifted her mouth from my cock just long enough to murmur, "what guys?""Those Devil worshippers," I replied with with my mouth half buried in her cunt."Oh God! but ......" she exclaimed, seemingly shocked out of her lust and sitting up suddenly."Not all the way of course," I said to reassure her as I remembered that in the TV show the men were about to torture the girl to death.Although you couldn't actually see it in the movie, the men had a crucifix and it was fairly obvious what they'd been doing with it while they were chanting their devilish mumbo jumbo with the woman tied up. I felt my cock twitching at the thought.We'd interrupted our loving licking and sucking, and now I straddled my wife's head and Marg began sucking my cock deeply and slowly right to the back of her mouth.Soon I was sighing and groaning as she sucked and sucked on my lusting cock. I took her head in my hands and began slowly fucking her mouth, moving her head back and forth on my cock and using her head like a fuck toy."You dirty, Satanic whore," I murmured lovingly as I fucked her mouth.She made a noise, presumably of protest but of course could say nothing.I was getting more and more excited now, and I knew that soon I'd fill her mouth with my sperm. "Fucking slut!" I moaned lustfully.I was panting and grasping her head really tightly now. I had her gasping and gulping and gagging slightly as I fucked her mouth deeply and unrelentingly. "You're good for one fucking thing you fucking bitch - to be a fucking sacrificial fucking whore to The Devil," I groaned in my lust. Saying these sorts of things got me so worked up that just moments later I stiffened my body as my cock nearly choked my wife and my cum surged out into her mouth.Some days later we were fucking again and I told my wife that I'd told guys on the net all about what we did together. I told her that I was looking for someone likeminded who lived local to us.She was stunned but at the same time I think excited. She asked just what sort of men I was looking for but didn't complain about what I'd done.I wonder if there really are men who would use her as a sacrifice and torture her to death for The Devil.



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